Privacy Policy

1. Objective

1.1. The purpose of this policy is to inform you how Wakascores will use your information registered in our services.

1.2. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully about how we will use the information you provide to us.

1.3. This privacy policy as indicated in the Terms and Conditions is included in them and if you accept these terms you are accepting this privacy policy as well. Terms and Conditions

1.4. The data we collect from you with the full name, your mobile phone number, your email address and if you register your address

2. Use of your information

2.1. Wakascores will use your personal information to send notifications of important events and news.

2.2. Wakascores will not disclose your information unless there is a court order and / or enforce any rights defined in the Terms and Conditions.

2.3. Wakascores is not responsible if someone is able to violate our security measures and their information is stolen, that person is solely responsible for disclosing that information.

2.4. The changes in this privacy policy will be displayed on our website and you are the sole responsible for verifying if there are changes and if you do not accept them you can withdraw from your account.

2.5. Your information may be required by an authority under the laws in force and therefore, if we are required information we will be obliged to provide them to the corresponding authorities.


The present Cookies Terms are part of Wakascores’s Privacy Policy

What are cookies? Cookies are data files that the website sends to Users computers when visiting the sites. Companies use cookies for various purposes. For instance, whenever Users re-enter one of Wakascores Sites, once our Cookie Terms haven been accepted and/or whenever Users have fulfilled their registration, cookies provide the page with the information necessary in order for the site to recall who the Users are while keeping the information related to the frequency of their visits and their preferences within the site.

Cookies are essential for the efficient operation of Internet, they cannot harm the Users equipment and, when activated, they help detect and solve any possible malfunction that might happen in Wakascores sites. For more information please visit

Wakascores’s cookies. Wakascores uses cookies, among other reasons, in order to improve the operation of the Wakascores site, to grant an efficient navigation in this site, to recall Users’ preferences and, more broadly, to enhance their navigating experience.

Wakascores uses different types of cookies that can be modified according to the creation or elimination of services provided in Wakascores Sites:

  • Strictly necessary cookies – They are essential to navigate the site and use the services required by Users, or to access security areas in the site.
  • Personalization Cookies – They allow Users access to the site in a given default language according to the Users choice, therefore providing them with a better and more personal access. These cookies can also be used in order to provide the services required by Users, such as viewing a video or writing a comment in a blog. The data used by these cookies are anonymous and cannot track Users activity in other sites. They can be permanent, performance or session cookies, as well as Wakascores’s own or third-party cookies.
  • Analytic Cookies - They allow Users navigating Wakascores Sites and accessing security areas such as payments. Wakascores uses these cookies to recall: data from electronic orders forms when Users shift from one site to another during one browser session, or that the navigator has been identified as a registered User in any Wakascores Sites.
  • Technical Cookies - They collect information on how Users tend to use Wakascores Sites, i.e. which are the sites visited, if access was free of technical problems, etc. These cookies do not allow identification of Users since all the information is anonymous and is simply used to improve the design and navigation of the sites or to elaborate statistics of use, among others.
  • Advertising cookies – These cookies, Wakascores’s own or third-party, are used to deliver adverts in Wakascores Sites and apps. They collect anonymous statistics information on the Users visits to the site in order to follow up publicity campaigns. They can also collect data such as Users IP and Internet browser, usually for geotargeting purposes and for measuring the exposure of certain adverts depending on the browser’s settings or the Users behaviour when they are exposed to advertising campaigns in Internet: such as the number of impressions in a given advert support, number of clicks, visits to the site, etc.
  • Third-party cookies – Some of Wakascores Sites might use content from service. It is important for Users to remember that Wakascores does not control the cookies used by those services providers. We recommend Users to visit the websites that have actually created those cookies in question in order to obtain more information about them.
  • Cookies with expiration date – The cookies used can have different types of expiration dates:
    • Session cookies - They are automatically delated when the browser is closed.
    • Performance cookies – They are related to some personalized performance provided by the site. They are delated within 24 hours.
    • Persistent cookies – They remain in the Users browsers and are activated every time the site is visited as long as they are not deactivated by Users.

How to manage and eliminate Cookies? - Cookies can be limited, blocked or eliminated from the browser settings. Depending on the browser used, their procedure will change slightly. Click in any of the links below to obtain further instructions.

Remember that certain areas of our sites can only be accessed when cookies are activated. Deactivating cookies might stop Users from accessing some parts of our contents and from enjoying the services provided by our sites.

Users not using any of the browsers in this list can always use the “Help” menu in their browser to search for instructions.

We recommend Users who wish to obtain more information on how to manage cookies in browsers used by mobile devices to read their device instructions manual.

For further questions on the cookies in Wakascores Sites, please do write to the following email address: